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Breast Screening Aotearoa (BSA) Promotion
to Pacific Communities

Overall Aim:

·         To reduce breast cancer mortality by routine screening an entire defined population at regular intervals. The program offers free screening mammograms (x-rays) to women ages 45 to 69 years who do not show any symptoms of breast cancer

·         To improve health and support New Zealanders to live longer, healthier and more independent


Population Served:

Pacific women and those of the Priority Group in the greater Auckland region:

·         Maori and Pacific women

·         Unscreened women (women in the 45 – 69 age group who have either never been screened or have not been screened for 5 years)

·         Under-screened women (groups of women whose coverage and participation rates are well below those of the total eligible population)


Service Objectives:

·         To improve the delivery of health promotion and support services to Pacific women

·         To increase the recruitment and retention of priority women (Pacific women) in the breast screening programme

·         To provide appropriate services which will meet the needs of individual women who have indicated a need for support to screening, assessment and treatment and who have chosen to have this support provided by Health Star Pacific

·         As an Independent Service Provider (ASP), Health Star Pacific is to focus particularly on meeting the target for priority group women. Together with the Lead Provider, Health Star Pacific is responsible for ensuring that breast screening services within our coverage area are accessible to all Pacific women


Key Messages for Breast Screening Aotearoa:

·         Nearly 10% of women in New Zealand develop breast cancer

·         The risk of developing breast cancer increases with age

·         Free mammograms are available for women aged 45 – 69 years thru Breast screening Aotearoa by contacting Health Star Pacific

·         Screening mammograms detect breast cancer before you can feel or notice anything unusual.

·         Early detection and treatment can save lives

·         Mammograms need to be repeated every two years

Collaboration Key to Breast Screening Success for Pacific...
Health Star Pacific at ASB Polyfest 2013...
Contact: Togiai Vaifagaloa Naseri; Telephone (09) 527 2300 or by email below.

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