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Immunisation Promotion
to Pacific Communities

Health Goals:

·         To improve the health and wellbeing of Pacific children in Auckland by assisting immunisation providers to increase scheduled vaccine coverage rates for Pacific children, and to assist with strategies aimed at maintain or improving these levels in the future.

·         Improve the health and wellbeing of Pacific people by assisting immunisation providers to increase vaccine coverage rates for influenza vaccine, and other vaccines in the event of epidemics or pandemics or catch-up campaigns (within available resources)

·         Assist District Health Boards (DHBs) to meet their population health targets for immunisation coverage and child health. This may include working with DHBs and Primary Health Organisations (PHOs) to ensure PHOs are up-skilled to meet their immunisation coverage targets.

·         Ensure the public are provided with up-to-date, evidence-based information to assist them in their decision making in regards to immunisation services and the immunisation of children, young people and adults.


Population Served:

·         Pacific peoples residing within the Auckland-wide region


Service Objectives:

To assist / support DHBs to meet their population health targets in terms of children and adult immunisation targets (where resources permit) though:

·         Increase immunisation coverage and reducing the impact of vaccine-preventable disease.

·         Increase access of Pacific children to immunisation services.

·         Ensuring promotion of immunisation, and co-ordination and linkages of services between Well Child / Tamariki Ora services, Lead Maternity Careers and Primary Care services.

·         Encouraging use of appropriate media strategies and activities.

·         Encouraging education and training for health promoters, community health workers, and antenatal educators.

·         Encouraging prevention programmes, including health promotion activities and community development.

·         Encouraging the provision of balanced, well researched / evidence based information to clients by all health professionals

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