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Beneficial to the Community

Health Star Pacific Trust's objectives support developments to improve the well being of people and communities in the following areas:

·         Spiritual

·         Educational

·         Economic

·         Social

·         Cultural

HEALTH STAR PACIFIC TRUST is a non government organisation established by the Founding Trustees under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 for the sole purpose of performing charitable work.

“I am not an individual; I am an integral part of the cosmos. I share divinity with my ancestors, the land, the seas and the skies. I am not an individual, because I share my tofi (an inheritance) with my family, my village and my nation. I belong to my family and my family belongs to me. I belong to my village and my village belongs to me. I belong to my nation and my nation belongs to me. This is the essence of my belonging.”

Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Ta’isi Efi, Head of State of the Independent State of Samoa


Faleula o Samoa 2009 forum on cultural practice and its impact
The Faleula o Samoa 2009 two day event attended by over 2,000 Samoan leaders provided HSPT with the opportunity to highlight the impact of culture on the health and wellbeing of Samoans with similar relevance to other Pacific Island groups. To improve the health of Pacific communities in New Zealand, we need to also address other social issues affecting our people. Positive changes towards the welfare of Pacific people go a long way to improving health.
HSPT Community Outreach 2008 program

The HSPT ‘Community Outreach’ program after 5 years had achieved its purpose as part of a multilevel approach to engage Pacific communities in a meaningful way, enabling HSPT to make a huge contribution to Immunisation and Breast Screening where Pacific rates have excelled. The ‘Community Outreach’ program included free health checks, physical activities and health education sessions at shopping centres and flea markets in areas of high Pacific population around Auckland.
HSPT Community Outreach 2007 program

The contribution of the HSPT ‘Community Outreach’ and the HSPT ‘Community Partnership’ programs in improving the health of Pacific people in Auckland is quite significant. The value of being ‘connected’ to the Pacific communities is evident in the successful delivery of health services by Health Star Pacific. This is further evident in the success of HSPT and the Pacific provider collective in delivering national campaigns such as Hep B, Menz B and HPV where Pacific targets were exceeded.
HSPT Tamariki Ora data management for ECECs 2006

Health Star Pacific identified the need to support Pacific Early childhood Education Centres (ECECs) in Glen Innes and improve documentation of education and health records in the ECECs. This led to the development of the HSPT Tamariki Ora data management software using the HSPT health IT platform. HSPT also donated 3 CPU units and a laptop to 4 ECECs in Glen Innes as part of its charitable work to benefit the New Zealand community
HSPT Community Outreach 2006 program

HSPT continued to fund the ‘Community Outreach’ program which now included the Otahuhu shopping centre and Avondale shopping centre on alternating fortnights, with Henderson on a monthly basis in addition to Glen Innes every Monday, Mt. Roskill every Tuesday, Otara shopping centre and Mangere shopping centre on alternating Wednesdays. HSPT continued to provide free health checks and physical activities as part of its charitable work to benefit the community.
HSPT Community Outreach 2005 program

Some of the key lessons from the ‘Community Outreach’ and the ‘Community Partnership’ programs were adopted to the ADHB Healthy Village Action Zone (HVAZ), to promote the wellbeing of Pacific in a church setting. This included HSPT identifying a huge need to provide social and physical activities for elderly Pacific people. The ‘Community Outreach’ program is part of the successful multi level approach by HSPT to reach the wider Pacific communities around Auckland.
HSPT Community Outreach 2004 program

The HSPT ‘Community Outreach’ program is an innovative approach by HSPT to capture the Pacific hard to reach and engage those who are not part of any Pacific church or community group, by running health programs throughout the year at shopping centres and flea markets in areas around Auckland that have a high Pacific population like Glen Innes, Mt. Roskill, Otara and Mangere. The ‘Community Outreach’ program included the dissemination of health information.
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